The Data Writeback feature enables the user to manually write data into the database. 
Five of the Report Visual types support this functionality:
Table, Matrix, Board, Tile, Sparkline Tile

Each of these five have a Writeback tab for enabling and configuring the functionality:

Writeback Table – The target table where the data will write into

Executable Stored Procedure – Optional procedure which is executed upon updating data

Writeback Table Primary Key – The field serving as the primary key (PK) in the target table (however, not required to define the field as PK in the database itself)

Dataset Primary Key – Dataset field corresponding to the ‘Writeback Table Primary Key’ 

Writeback Table Second Primary Key – The field serving as the second PK in the target table 

Dataset Second Primary Key – Dataset field corresponding to the ‘Writeback Table Second Primary Key’  

Writeback Table Third Primary Key – The field serving as the third PK in the target table 
Dataset Third Primary Key Dataset field corresponding to the ‘Writeback Table Third Primary Key’  

Enable Addition/Removing – An option which enables adding/deleting rows from a table

Mode – Choose between ‘Add and Remove’, ‘Add Only’, ‘Remove Only’

Additional details regarding Writeback:
– Writeback is only accessible from the Saved Dashboard
– All changed and unsaved data is saved by re-saving the dashboard
– Each report with Writeback has additional options in the Writeback settings that allow refreshing other reports and comparisons filters data on the same dashboard after data update

This report has the following Writeback Modes:
Dynamic Sorting – Reorder items within and between columns
Writeback Only – Change sub-items and remove cell-items
Dynamic Sorting and Writeback – Combination of both

The Writeback settings for the Board report are slightly different:

Sort Field – The field in the target table which sorts items; option in ‘Dynamic Sorting’ and ‘Dynamic Sorting and Writeback’ modes
Primary Column ID Field / Column ID Field / Area ID Field / Group ID Field – Fields in the target table tied to the respective Board report settings

The Tile Report Visual has the following Writeback settings:

Update Field – The field to update in the target table
Type – Editor type for the ‘Update Field’

Each column in a Table has an ‘Editable’ checkbox option which enables editing any column’s data writeback from within the Edit area of the Report Visual.  Within the Design/Preview tab click on any column header to display the pop-up design panel, then within the Properties section check the checkbox by ‘Editable’ in order to enable this feature.  It is also possible to configure the editor type, e.g. HTML, Text Area, Dropdown.