RockDaisy is a responsive web app that lets you connect to, transform, and visualize your data. With RockDaisy, you can connect to data sources, using SQL queries or SQL stored procedures and connect the result-sets to report visuals, and collections of visuals you can share as dashboards, with other people inside/outside your organization. Most users who work on Business Intelligence or Report projects use RockDaisy to create reports/dashboards, and then use the RockDaisy Web Portal to share their reports with others.

The most common uses for the RockDaisy report designer are:

  • Create database connections, datasets, reports, and filters
  • Assign + Publish reports and filters to app dashboards
  • Create + Assign app dashboards to dashboard categories.
  • Create interactions that support drill-thru to report details
  • Configure security that determines access to items and operations.
  • Assign report filters and report widgets to dashboards.
  • Create data-driven subscriptions that roll out reports to a large recipient list.
  • Create datasets to reuse and re-purpose in multiple reports in different ways.

Additional SQL report designer videos can be found here