Chart Drilldown

Most charts in RockDaisy feature drilldown functionality, enabling the user to interactively see more detailed data. For example, users can click on a specific bar in a bar chart or a slice in a pie chart.

** Only a single parameter can be passed from a parent report to a child drilldown report. Use the SQL fnsplit() function to parse your single parameter into multiple parameters. In example below, DrillDownParameter (SQL column) is passed to the child report. The child report SQL stored procedure splits the month number and customerid which are separated by this pipe symbol |

Sample Dataset (drilldown parameter is monthnumber and customerid separated by pipe symbol)

















Parent Report

Parent Report

Within the [Interactions] section of the [Design Panel]: (see above)

  • Choose an existing report visual that you created.
  • Choose a column from the parent data set that will be used to pass to the child drilldown report

In this example when a bar is selected, the @DrillDownParameter will be passed to an existing report visual called: Table Drill Down

Table Drilldown

Data is displayable in many formats, both as a high-level summary and/or with its accompanying details. Table Report Drilldown allows users to view details from any existing Report Visual. The details are displayed within a pop-up window or an entirely new dashboard.

There are three options for displaying the data within this Table drilldown functionality:

  • Pop-up window
  • New dashboard in same window (refresh page)
  • New dashboard in new window

Three components are necessary to create this Table drilldown experience:

  • Main report
  • URL report
  • Drilldown report


Report Type



Main Report

The user’s existing Report Visual

Table, Pie Chart, Bar Chart

URL Link Report

Links the Main Report and Drilldown Report

When clicking on a row in the Main report the user will be shown a related report (the Drilldown Report) within an existing App Dashboard with the according details of data.

The below screenshot shows the passing of the @Productname parameter in order to enable the Main Report to retrieve data associated with the Drilldown Report’s identical parameter (in this example to retrieve details of the Product).

Sample URL Report Syntax:

SELECT ‘’ + cast(@ProductName as varchar(max)) + ‘//FullScreenMode=True’ as Url

Drilldown Report

Resulting Drilldown report


The [URL Link Report] visual is a redirect report used to connect the Main Report (parent) and its associated Drilldown Report (child). The [URL Link Report] takes a single URL parameter (type URL) and redirects the user to a preexisting saved view (i.e. an App Dashboard containing Report Visual(s)) in RockDaisy

To get the URL of an existing saved view. Navigate directly to that saved view and copy its URL, as shown here:

Here is an example of a URL parameter used in a [URL Link Report] (see screenshot below):

SELECT '' + cast(@ProductName as varchar(max)) + '//FullScreenMode=True' as Url

In this example, when the [URL Link Report] is executed it will redirect to an existing report – and pass the @ProductName parameter.

The @ProductName parameter is passed to this [URL Link Report] from an existing page Main Report (parent) where the user performed a drilldown (see the next section, Table Report Drilldown Types).

Table Report Row Drilldown

Row Drilldown

Click on a row in a [Table Report] to drilldown to details

Existing [Main Report] (parent), in this case a Table report, with a Row Drilldown Interaction defined pointing to the desired -> [URL Link Report] (passing the @ProductName Filter Variable as chosen within the Interactions screenshot on left side)

[URL Link Report] (screenshot on right side) redirects to ->

SELECT '' + cast(@ProductName as varchar(max)) + '//FullScreenMode=True' as Url   (see Embed Dashboards Section for additional URL switches)

Note: is an existing saved view (as described above)

Note: Parameters are assigned via Filters. For example, the below [Table Report] has @ProductName defined, therefore it can be passed upon clicking it for the row selected.

Table Report Cell Drilldown

Expand the [INTERACTIONS] component in the design panel for an existing Table report

Select Cell Drilldown from the [Interaction Type] dropdown listChoose the report you want to drilldown to [Drilldown to Report Visual]

Choose the [Filter Variable] that you will pass to the child report. This assumes the child report/dashboard is using this Filter Variable to retrieve information. A CustomerID or ProductID is a common variable to pass between them.