Data Security

RockDaisy does not store any data. It’s strictly a data presentation platform that pulls data in real-time from the client secure database server and presents it on the screen. As a result, all of the data security is controlled at the database server level.

Dynamic Row Level Security

RockDaisy Row-Level Security enables you to use user/group membership to control access to rows in a database table. Row-Level Security (RLS) simplifies the design and coding of security in your application. This is accomplished by RockDaisy passing the unique RockDaisy UserID to your SQL query/stored procedure. The SQL query/stored procedure can then filter the data based on the person executing the report/dashboard. The most common use for this is when you want to create a single dashboard but show different data based on person running the report

Site Level Security

Secure the entire portal with a username and password. We also support Windows AD single sign-on