RockDaisy provides schedule and alert-based subscriptions to help you control processing and distribution of reports. The two types of subscriptions slightly differ in functionality and management:

  • Schedule-based: Specify a type of recurrence: daily, weekly, or monthly. Within each type set the intervals and range for how often an event occurs.
  • Alert-based: Occurs when a specified event happens. For example: Total sales increased more than 10% from last month’s total sales.

End users can subscribe to any report/dashboard by simply clicking the [SEND] button on the left toolbar

Setting Up Subscriptions

For an administrator to create subscriptions, go to the Setup Portal and click [Subscriptions Admin]

Also assign reports for delivery to groups of users or select individuals.

Before setting subscriptions, you need to enter your SMTP Settings

Choose Configure -> Application Settings – > SMTP Settings

Enter your SMTP information

Alert-Based Subscriptions

Occurs when a specified event happens. For example: Total sales have increased more than 10% from last month total sales. To setup an alert-based subscription:

  1. First create a SQL stored procedure returning a value of 1 (true) based on the specific scenario
  2. Schedule this stored procedure (shown above) to execute one or more times within a specified time period
  3. If stored procedure returns true, the report/dashboard/message will be sent to subscribers