How to setup interaction between reports?

In order to setup interaction to another report, the user had to choose interaction type. There are two categories of interaction types: drill-down to report and jump to a dashboard.

Drill-down to report requires report selection. Also, the user has to choose ‘Filter Variable’ – parameter, that will be passed to another report from the original one and ‘Filter Variable Identifier’ – a field, which value will be passed as ‘Filter Variable’. ‘Filter Variable Identifier’ can be defined for the whole interaction, in case of row-based interaction for table report or when origin report is a chart, or per column for table report.

Jump to dashboard interaction also requires ‘Filter Variable’ and ‘Filter Identifier’ to be defined. ‘Filter Identifier’ value will be passed to the child dashboard as ‘Filter Variable’, which means that the child dashboard should have a filter with ‘Filter Key’ equal to ‘Filter Variable’ that we pass.

In addition to ‘Filter Variable’, all filters and their values from origin dashboard will be passed to the child dashboard, but only common will be applied.