What is ‘Design Preview Value’ in reports?

Design Preview Value’ is a value, that will be passed to the dataset with a ‘Filter Key’ in order to return particular data. To pass this value appropriate filter should be created first, so on the report design preview tab we actually use an existing filter to return the data.

‘Design Preview Value’ can be passed in two ways – dynamic or static. In order to use dynamic value map appropriate ‘Filter Variable'(‘Filter Key’) to the ‘Dataset Parameter’. In this case, ‘Design Preview Value’ value will be passed to the dataset. It also allows using an appropriate filter in the application to modify the data passed to the SP parameters.

In order to pass static value check ‘Static’ checkbox, then type a value in the ‘Filter Variable’ textbox that appears instead of a dropdown. In this case, there is no need to have an appropriate filter to pass this value, the static value, defined in design preview tab will always be passed to Stored Procedure parameter for this report.