What is the difference between ‘Dataset Parameter’ and ‘Filter Key’?

When adding a new dataset to Rockdaisy platform with @ParameterName(via Add -> Dataset functionality) new ‘Dataset Parameter’ will be created inside the system. This ‘Dataset Parameter’ @ParameterName will be available as ‘Filter Variable’ when you go to Add -> Filter.

When creating a new filter with @ParameterName selected as ‘Filter Variable’ another entity called ‘Filter Key’(or ‘Dimension Key’) with same value @ParameterName will be created in the system.
When going to report which is based on the dataset which uses @ParameterName parameter for filtering, it is required to map this ‘Dataset Parameter’ @ParameterName to ‘Filter Key’ @ParameterName in order to our platform can understand how to filter these values(how to filter data in the report using the filter).